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Magazine «Engineering Survey» , 14/2015





Brouchkov A.V.

Global environmental changes, the permafrost zone response and engineering structures stability . . .4

Global changes of the environment, the permafrost zone reaction and engineering structures stability are considered. It is shown that increase of air temperatures occurs in many regions. Temperatures of frozen rocks not always follow changes of air temperatures, but in general it is necessary to consider increase of temperatures of frozen strata and possible destabilization of engineering structures.

Key words: global climate changes; cryolithozone (permafrost zone); frozen rocks.

Ermolov A.A.

Specifics of engineering-geological surveys in different regions of the Russian Federation . . .18

The existing features and prospects of engineering survey development in the conditions of changing market situation are considered in the discussion on the regional specificity of engineering-geological works. Competitive advantages of local survey organizations, costs of survey works in various regions, conditions and factors of successful implementation of engineering surveys are analyzed.

Key words: engineering-geological surveys; regional specificity; survey companies; drilling machinery; cost of drilling operations; competitive tendering.

Losiv V.M.

Evaluation of seismicity of Primorye Region and regional tectonics . . .24

The article gives assessment of schemes and maps of seismic zoning of the Primorye Territory. The author emphasizes unsufficient relationship of estimations of seismicity and information about tectonic faults. A new tectonic scheme of the region is proposed. The structures which are singled out in this scheme are briefly characterized. The author superimposed this scheme on the map of instrumental earthquakes and palaeo-earthquakes (constructed by A.V. Oleynikov and N.A. Oleynikov in 2008) and singled out areas of noticeable confinedness of earthquakes to faults and their groups or their intersections. Following N.A. Florensov, V.P. Solonenko and other researchers, the author notes that the seismicity of the region should be only assessed using a complex of methods — geological (paleoseismogeological, tectonic, neotectonic ones), geophysical, seismological, mathematical. He points out unacceptability of using outdated materials on the geological structure and tectonics of the region.

Key words: Primorye Territory; seismic zoning; tectonics; seismicity; earthquakes; faults.

Chizhov V.M.

Engineering-ecological surveys under the conditions of the modern global environmental crisis are the basis of environmental risk assessment . . .36

The paper analyzes difficulty of understanding of the modern global environmental crisis, substantiates the need for environmental risk assessment as a logical completion of engineering-ecological survey. The main purpose of the article is to draw attention of the readers to the question on the need for practical application of environmental risk assessment results in survey-design production for choosing an area (site, route) of construction of dangerous and especially dangerous objects. Therefore special attention is given to objective reasons of the need for improving the normative base of engineering-ecological surveys for construction.

Key words: engineering-ecological surveys; modern global environmental crisis; natural hazard; environmental risk.


Mashtakov A.S.

Applicability of method of engineering-geological analogies for preliminary estimation of mechanical properties of soil of shelf of Caspian Sea . . .46

The article justifies the need for taking into consideration presence of shallow gas in soils under offshore oil platforms, that is especially important because of dynamic loads. Applicability of method of engineering-geological analogies justified for preliminary estimation of mechanical properties of soil of shelf of Caspian Sea.

Key words: engineering-geological aspects; dynamic loads; shallow gas; Caspian sea; offshore oil platforms; jack-up drilling rigs; method of engineering-geological analogies.

Ozmidov I.O.

Modern equipment and methods of cone penetration testing of soils . . .52

The paper describes the main topics, related to cone penetration testing (CPT) of soils taking into consideration the modern requirements and technologies. The main results and parameters obtained by this method including by testing of compact grounds and by deep tests are considered. The issue of modern survey techniques is discussed. Examples of heavy CPT rigs for deep testing are given. Special attention is given to the possibility of integration of CPT rigs with latest equipment including with wireless data transmission. The article is an overview and is devoted to technical possibilities of modern CPT rigs by the example of the UGS-20 rig.

Key words: deep cone penetration test rig; probe; drilling rig; deviation survey; head resistance; friction coupling; pore pressure; wireless data transmission.


Aliev M.M., Descherevskiy A.V., Idarmachev I.Sh.

Study of relationship between the rock apparent resistivity and the water temperature regime in a borehole near the Chirkey hydropower station dam . . .60

Results of geophysical monitoring observations in the area of the Chirkey hydropower station dam are analyzed. Amplitudes of seasonal changes of the apparent resistivity of rocks in a borehole near the dam are much greater than possible temperature effects (the factual amplitude of the seasonal variations of the apparent resistivity are over 6% of its average value, while the maximal seasonal temperature effects are less than 0.1%). This means that there are some other causes of seasonal variations of the apparent resistivity of rocks in the borehole, for example, changes of the water mineralization during river floods, the pore pressure in the rocks due to fluctuations of the water level in the borehole, the mechanical stresses in the rock massif due to various causes and so on.

Key words: apparent resistivity of rocks; water temperature in a borehole; downwarping of the earth crust; Chirkey hydropower station.




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