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Magazine «Engineering Survey» , 2/2016



Industry news . . .6



Dashko R. E.

Groundwater as a factor determining long-term stability and proper functioning of civil works and industrial structures (Saint-Petersburg case study) . . .10

It is noted in the paper that the prediction of civil works and industrial structures long-term stability as well as their failure-free operation are based on the analysis and assessment of underground space as a multicomponent system. The system includes sandy-clay soils, water aquifers, subsurface microbiota, gases with different genesis (biochemical and deep-earth), and structures (deep and shallow foundations, running and escalator tunnels lining, utility lines and others). With a reference to the content of effective regulatory documents it is established that studying hydrogeological conditions in the course of engineering-geological investigations is insufficient, which contributes to the reduction of predictive validity when it comes to assuring flawless construction and functioning of designed structures. There are proposed new criteria of enhancing informativity and consistency of hydrogeological data in the conditions of groundwater pollution and microbial activity intensification. Some examples are given of how to assess in an integral manner groundwater within the zones of different contamination level, including the historical part of Saint- Petersburg, which counts more than 300 years. Results of studying the Vendian aquifer system aggressiveness towards running tunnels lining, including participation of different microorganisms groups, are presented. Recommendations focused on enhancing quality of hydrogeological information are provided, which allow the safe functioning of various structures.

Key words: underground space, sandy-clay soils, fractured block medium, non-artesian and confined water horizons, water chemical composition, hydrodynamical and hydrochemical conditions, microorganisms, engineeringgeological processes, redox and acid-base conditions, corrosive aggressiveness, structural materials biocorrosion, safety of construction functioning, long-term stability of surface and subsurface facilities.

Mironyuk S.G. , Ozmidov O.R.

A case history of seismic liquefaction assessment of foundation soils of semisubmersible drilling rig anchors by dynamic triaxial tests . . .18

The article gives a brief overview of the problem of seismic liquefaction capability of sea bottom soils. The liquefaction hazard of foundation soils of offshore platforms and pipelines is shown. Assessment results of seismic stability of disperse deposits in two areas in the Tuapse depression (Black sea) obtained by laboratory dynamic triaxial tests are presented. Kinds of potentially liquefiable soils are revealed in those areas. The described case history showed that for installation of anchored sea structures the possibility of anchor foundation soil liquefaction should be assessed. In addition, it was shown that sapropels can liquefy during strong earthquakes. These findings can be useful for specialists in the field of engineering support of search and exploration of hydrocarbon deposits and for installation of drilling rigs of temporary type on the sea shelf.

Key words: Black Sea; seabed soils; sapropel; seismic liquefaction; geological hazards; semisubmersible drilling rig anchors; dynamic triaxial tests.


Vyazkova O.E., Kurdysh Е.S.

Engineering geological conditions and forecast of locations of archaeological sites in the Kislovodsk basin . . .24

The detailed analysis of engineering geological conditions of locations of different types of archaeological objects which belong to cultures who was developing the Kislovodsk basin has been made. The connection between locating of certain types of archaeological sites and components of engineering geological conditions was identified, that made possible to come to solution of inverse task — forecast of locations of archaeological objects which have not been known to science yet.

Key words: engineering geological conditions; patterns of economic development; archaeological sites; Kislovodsk basin; forecast of locations.


Vasilenko N.G., Zhuravin S.A., Markov M.L.

Water balance computations for the assessment of the water inflow to the mining quarries (the Kostomuksha quarries case study) . . .30

The article considers an experience of the water balance method use for the assessment of the inflow to the mining quarries from their watershed area (the Kostomuksha quarries case study). The estimation of the main water balance components was carried out using data of the Roshydromet network and field water surveys. The hydrological characteristics were calculated using methods for the case of insufficient information taking into account features of their computations for the quarry conditions.

Key words: Karelia, Kostomuksha mining quarries, climate, runoff, water balance, water survey, water regimes, inflow to quarry.

Korotkov S.V.

Use of a method «Caterpillar-SSA» in the comparative analysis of noncyclic fluctuations of the tidal sea level . . .38

In article results of comparison of parameters (value, the period) storm surges variation of sea level on the basis of extraction by various methods noncyclic components total (observational) a time series of level of the tidal sea are considered. The emphasis on possibility of use for the given purpose of rather recently developed method singular spectral analysis of non-stationary time series which yet has not found due application in sea engineering surveys is placed.

Key words: non-periodic vibrations of the sea-level; storm surges; Singular Spectrum Analysis of nonstationary time series «Caterpillar-SSA»; marine engineering surveys.


Modin I.N., Gruzdev A.I., Skobelev A.D.

Comparison OF capacity electrical survey instruments . . .46

Authors conducted the experimental comparison of the four electrical systems (BIKS, VEGA, ОhmMapper and ERA-MAX) for capacity measurements of the electric field. Comparative tests shown all the stations have their advantages, different technical capabilities and different productivity when performing field measurements. The test measurements and comparing the results with the equipment DC SyscalPro were performed on geophysical test site, which located in the Kaluga region, in winter conditions. Field tests showed that all stations give identical results which can be compared with the results obtained on DC. The difference in the data is explained by the different lengths of the current and receiving dipoles, the positioning accuracy of the antenna, the thickness of the snow cover and the quality of the fit of the cables to the ground.

Key words: non-contact capacity measurement, electric field, apparent resistivity, electrical array, direct current, alternating current, electrical profiling, creeping antennas.

Kolesnikov V.P., Laskina T.A., Artemev D.A.

Multielectrode Electrical Soundings with the Usage of Inversion Array . . .54

The article deals with the possibilities of the multielectrode measurement principle usage for the development of the electrical sounding technology on the base of the AMS-ZOND hardwaresoftware package. The main aim of new technology creation is the increasing of the field work efficiency for the geological section investigation in the depth interval approximately 200 meters, taking into account the specific peculiarities of the existent interpretation programs. The technique and technology of the group sounding method have been designed, also the possibilities of the applying of inversion array, based on the reciprocity principle, have been investigated with the purpose of the multichannel equipment usage. Measurements are conducted with the predetermined ratio “noise/signal”, which is controlled by the AMS-1 equipment, for the decrease of the enhanced noise level effect. The results of the experimental work show the productivity increase up to 4-5 times in comparison with the traditional vertical electrical sounding method with the adequate accuracy of obtained measurement results.

Key words: multielectrode soundings, electrical tomography, group soundings, reciprocity principle, inversion array.


Kasharaba O.V.

Geodesist's notes. Angola

Underwater Adventures (the material is published for the first time) . . .60


List of conferences '2016–2107 . . .64


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