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Magazine «Engineering Geology» , 1/2016




Kropotkin M.P.

The nature of large landslides in Moscow and its vicinities ...4

The article discusses the nature of large block landslides of Moscow and its vicinities, the displacements of which are associated with Upper Jurassic clays. Using stage-by-stage computer simulation, the author shows that development of such landslides is based on the classic shear mechanism, but not on the basis of extrusion as many researchers traditionally consider. Changes of the stress-strain state of a soil massif due to underscouring it by a river and gradual displacement of the landslide tongue cause decrease of vertical stresses in the earlier slid deposits that provides transition of the deep plastic flow phase into the progressive stage.

Key words: extrusion landslides; computer simulation; stage-by-stage calculations; pore pressure; plastic flow.

Zerkal O.V., Fomenko I.K.

Influense of various factors on the results of probabilistic analysis of landslide activization ...16

Restrictions of the existing approaches to quantitative assessment of slope stability and principles of probabilistic analysis of landslide activization are considered. The possibility of obtaining probabilistic estimates of slope deformation development is shown by the example of stability calculations of a model slope. Further it can be used for analysis of the geological risk. Influence of choice of calculation methods (Janbu’s, Bishop’s, Morgenstern — Price’s ones), quality of available engineering-geological information and number of considered factors (as distribution functions) on the results of probabilistic analysis of slope stability is considered.

Key words: landslides; stability assessment; probabilistic analysis; stability factor.


Dashko R.E., Alekseev I.V.

On the issue of the role of biocorrosion processes in the underground environment of megalopolises ...22

The article by the example of Saint-Petersburg analyzes the multicomponent system of the underground space of a large city, components of which can be aggressive to constractional materials (individually or in combination with other components). A special role of microbiota is emphasized. Its activity in the underground environment is analyzed from the positive and negative sides. The main natural and technogenic sources of inflow of microorganisms into the underground space are considered. The basic mechanisms of biocorrosion destruction of constructional materials are listed. It is noted that biocorrosion aggressiveness of the underground environment to constructional materials is not considered in the current normative documents. Significance of studying the oxidation-reduction and acid-base conditions influencing on the corrosion capability of the underground space is especially emphasized. Some examples of development of biocorrosion processes in basements are given.

Key words: underground space; constructional materials; soils; groundwater; gases; microorganisms; biocorrosion.

Mirnyy A.Yu., Gaikov E.A., Zubov A.O.

Compression phases of non-cohesive soils of various granulometric compositions ...30

The paper analyses laboratory research results of compression phases of non-cohesive soils of various granulometric compositions. An experimental soil tray construction with the possibility of microphotography used for the compression tests is described. Conclusions on changes of the compression phases are made on the basis of singling out the plastic and elastic components of the general deformation at compression tests in oedometers.

Key words: non-cohesive soils; granulometric composition; compression tests; compression phases.

Efremov V.V., Frolova Ju.V.

Influence of microfracturing on strength and deformation properties of granitoids of the Aldan shield ...34

The paper considers influence of microfracturing (microjointing) on strength and deformation properties of granitoids from the Aldan shield. For quantitative assessment of microfracturing the joint hollowness coefficient is used. This coefficient was determined by three ways using macrophotographs of polished sections and microphotographs obtained with an optical microscope by reflected light and by fluorescent light. Dependences of the strength and deformation characteristics of the samples on the microjointing degree were obtained. The paper shows that microfracturing influences on the type of a deformational curve of static loading. Relationship between the uniaxial compression strength and permanent (residual) deformation is revealed.

Key words: microfracturing (microjointing); granitoids; uniaxial compression strength; dynamic elasticity modulus; static elasticity modulus; deformational curve; joint hollowness coefficient; permanent (residual) deformation.


Podlipskiy I.I.

Ecogeochemical assessment of the soil state in the area of a solid domestic waste landfill and а sewage sludge storage site (St. Petersburg) ...44

The studied technogenic complex consists of a solid domestic waste landfill (PTO-3 “Novosyelki”) and a sewage sludge storage site (the northern ground of the St. Petersburg water services state-run unitary enterprise) which are close to each other, in connection with that there are problems of distinction between influences of these two objects on the environment and determination of a specific source of a geochemical anomaly in the area of them. The paper is devoted to integrated ecological-geochemical assessment of influence of this technogenic complex on components of the environment, as well as to assessment of contribution of the each source to the overall level of pollution.

Key words: solid domestic waste; sewage sludge; heavy metals; cumulative pollution index; intensifier ratio.

Sergeev E.M.

A look through the years. Memories ...54


List of conferences '2016–2107 ...64


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