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Magazine «Geotechnics» , 4/2015


Modern Methods For Soil Properties Management At The Sites Of High Dynamic Loads

Abramova T.T., Voznesensky E.A. ...6

A field of technical vibrations caused by stress waves propagating from various sources, permanently exists in big cities and at industrial and transportation sites. A purposeful modification of liquefiable saturated soils can be made by various methods of their technical amelioration. It is demonstrated that dynamic strength degradation ratio of hard-plastic and soft-plastic loams considerably increased after the treatment with chemical (sodium hydroxyde), electrochemical or thermal methods. Seismic stability of soils can be improved by both the injection of chemical solutions (e.g., silicification) and fracturing by different technologies (cuff, geocomposit, high-pressure injection, etc.) resulting in decrease of seismic intensity by 0,3–0,4 units and vibrations level by 5–15 dB. Analysis of modern methods and technologies for the management of soil state and properties at the sites of high dynamic loads has revealed Jetgrouting method to be the most prospective one. Jet-grouting practical application is demonstrated on the examples of many problematic sites of construction.

Key words: Weak soils, dynamic loading, injection, cemetation, strength, Jet-grouting

The Influence Of The Composition And Properties Of Loess Soils On The Effectivity Of Their Silicification

Larionova N.A. ...26

The influence of the composition and properties of loess soils on the effectiveness of their silification processes is discussed. Soil treatment with silicate solution results in the increase of deformation and stress-strain properties. The applicability of coagulating silicate solutions for stabilization of inactive loess soils, including high humidity types, is shown. This leads to the activation of interacting of silicate solutions with soil components; results in the increase of polymerization degree of silicic acid and the decrease of the amount of leachable compounds, which do not react during the process.

Key words: Loess soils, effectiveness silification, deformation and stress-strain properties, process, polymerization.

Creating A Pre-Set Protective Tunnels Within The Tectonic Faults With The Use Of Sealing Clay Aggregate

Pashkin E.M. ...36

The number of major accidents during tunneling in fault zone was analyzed. It revealed that formation of inrush of rock is closely related to presence of tectonic clay in volume exceeding 30–50%. The new method of development mining comprising application of camouflet explosion for creating preliminary protective arch is proposed. To assess the possibility of creating preliminary protective arch, the researches on equivalent models with preservation of similarity during simulation of explosion has been conducted. Its results reflect the possibility of creating preliminary protective arch in natural conditions of faults.

Key words: Faults, tectonic clay, inrush of rock, underground mining, preliminary protective arch, camouflet, simulation of the process of explosion.

To A Question Of Classification Of Injection Materials

Samarin E.N. ...42

Some questions of a chemical grouts classifications are considered in the article. Original classification of a chemical grouts for barrier technologies is developed. This is based on grouting hardening process.

Key words: Chemical grouting of soils, chemical grouts classifications, grouting hardening process.

The Utilization Of Ash And Slag Wastes For Manufacturing Of Construction Materials

Larionova N.A. ...52

The influence of the features of composition and properties of soils and ash wastes on the process of materials’ solidification and the time behavior of their stress-strain properties is discussed. The correlation between organic matter content and effectiveness of soils’ stabilization with complex binders is disclosed. The stages of solidification process are considered. The presence of acidic organic matter makes impossible soil solidification utilizing small doses of concrete with ash additives.

Key words: Composition, properties, soils, ash, stages of solidification process.

Technical Reclamation Soil In Terms Of Modern Problems Of Protection Of The Geological Environment

Sergeev V.I., Shimko T.G. ...64

Technical amelioration of soils, after going a long way together with the increasing complexity of industrial facilities, today is an important tool in the system measures for the protection of geological environment from pollution. In this article the modern approaches for the challenges of protection of groundwater against pollution in the integrated with the use of technical melioration and other natural sciences are presented.

Key words: Ground technical amelioration, protection of geological environment, groundwater pollution, geochemical barriers, anti-migration screens.


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