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Magazine «Geotechnics» , 5/2015


Determination of Strength Characteristics of Isotropic Ground in a Triaxial Device

Ter-Martirosyan Z.G., Meshkova E.K. ...4

In this article the results of anisotropic soils strengths characteristics determination in triaxial soil testing machine are given. The comparison of strengths characteristics in anisotropic and isotropic soils is presented. It shows that the distruction of soil simples is because of crushing of soft soil layers.

KEY WORDS Anisotropic soils, stress-strain state, laboratory tests, cohesion, internal friction angle.

Requirements For Stable And Strengthen Soils - Their Practical Application

Dobrov E.M., Kochetkova R.G., Nazipova G.A. ...8

The lack of regulations related to the grounds, processed to varying degrees with stabilizers and binders, creates certain difficulties in the use of modern additives for cohesive soils for their wider use in road construction segment. In the article the authors propose to develop the requirements regarding this problem.

KEY WORDS Stabilizers, cohesive soils, application technologies, requirements.

Methodical Features Of Geodetic Surveys As Part Of Engineering Geological Study Of The Soil Base Of Bridge Over The River Pregel In Kaliningrad

Anosov G.I., Dement'ev Ju.V., Sotnikov D.S., Chugaevich V.Ja., Rogal L.A., Strelnikov J., Frolov V.S. ...16

The objects of study are the bridge «Derevyanny (№ 1)» over the channel of New Pregolya, bridge «Vysoky» (№ 4) over the bed of old Pregel and the bridges adjacent to the territory of the city streets. Objectives of work — by using the modern seismometric techniques to study the structure of the soil in the study area for geological data interpolation between wells and increase the depth of the engineering study of the geological section by performing observation by a lowfrequency sensing microseisms (MNCHZM) at a given point. These materials are the basis for evaluation of seismic zoning and prediction of seismic hazard in the operation of facilities.

KEY WORDS Engineering surveys, soils, seismic micro zoning, forecasting, seismic hazard.

Assigning Sandy Soil With Colloidal Silica

Samarin E.N., Popova A.M., Chernov M.S. ...32

On the base of laboratory experiments it was determined, that colloidal silica solutions can be successfully used for grouting of fine and silty fine sands. It is shown that colloidal silica is hardening under additive poly-condensation under strong electrolytes action. This solution has good regulating time gelation. The unconfined stress of grouting sand samples is coursed by sand fineness and rises from coarse sand to silty fine one.

KEY WORDS Сhemical grouting of soils, sands, colloidal silica, hardening kinetics of grouting sand samples.

Numerical Solution For The Problem Of Drilling A Hole With Continuous Three-Bit Auger

BoldyrevG.G., Idrisov I.H., Miagkov K.A., Novichkov G.A. ...40

The paper describes numerical solution for the problem of drilling a hole with continuous three-bit auger in soils, having different elastic moduli. The solution was generated by ANSYS and LS-DYNA software. Soil was simulated with the CAP-model. Lagrange and Euler variables were applied to simulate the auger while Euler variables simulated soil and ground surface air. The solution was obtained for constant angular velocity of 31 rad/s with gravity force taken into account. Numerical simulation of the multi-layer soil showed dependence of tip resistance, rotation moment and mechanical strength on soil elastic modulus. The zone of soil active deformation around the hole does not exceed 1,0–1,5 bit diameter. Shear deformation intensity grows if soil elastic modulus grows. The identified dependence of the torque moment on linear velocity can be used to interpret the data measured in drilling penetration in order to determine soil deformation parameters.

KEY WORDS Drilling borehole by the auger; numerical modelling, ANSYS; LSDYNA; Cap model; torque moment, axial load, power, rotation speed, tip resistance.

The Pattern Of Distribution Of Vertical Stress Of Swelling Soil Under The Foundations and Underground Structures

Abzhalimov R.S. ...54

The article discusses the patterns of distribution of vertical stress of swelling soil under the foundations and underground structures, the stress-deformed state (SDS) of the «swelling subsoil — foundation —  structure» for the tape base and VAT for a square foundation with uneven foundation soil moisture. We give advice on choosing the type of foundation on swelling soil.

KEY WORDS The pressure of swelling soil, the vertical voltage of swelling soil, the stress-deformed state of the system «swelling soil — foundation — construction», the rate of swelling, uneven soil moisture.


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