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Magazine «GeoRisk»  , 3/2015


Review of Natural Hazard Events for The Third Quarter of 2015

SHANINA V.V. Lomonosov Moscow State University 6


To the Question on Definition of Debris-Flow Volume

SEINOVA I.B. Lomonosov Moscow State University

KAZAKOV N.A. Far East Geological Institute of Far East Branch of Russian Academy of Sciences (Sakhalin Department) 12

Debris-flow process is an ongoing process that involves the formation of a potential debris-flow array, its diagenesis and morphogenesis, the occurrence and movement of debris-flow, discharge of coarse and then - the fine material and passing of the after debris-flow flood. When calculating the volume of debrisflow is necessary to summarize the amount of coarse material deposited in debris cone and in the debris-flow transit zone, the amount of the fine particles rendered abroad of the after debris-flow flood debris cone, and the volume of the water component after debris-flow flood.

Кey words: debris-flows, debris-flows process, after debris-flow flood.

Antropogenic Mudflows in the River Mzymta Basin

KAZAKOV N.A. Far East Geological Institute of Far East Branch of Russian Academy of Sciences (Sakhalin Department) 15


Seismic Hazard Assessment of the Eastern Baltic Region

ASSINOVSKAYA B.A., OVSOV M.K. «Pulkovo» seismic station of the Geophysical Service of the RAS 19

The input data, the methodology and results of the seismic hazard assessment of the Eastern Baltic Sea region and its surroundings are described in this study. A unified catalog of representative earthquakes was compiled, the parameter band seismic activity were evaluated, a regional equation of maximum acceleration attenuation was obtained. The system CRISIS 2007 was used for compiling of probabilistic seismic hazard maps for return periods of 500, 1000, 5000 years. The most hazard areas like Gotland, Kaliningrad and Osmussaar were selected.

Кey words: seismicity, earthquake recurrence, seismic hazard, CRISIS 2007, attenuation, seismic effect.

Karst Cavities in the Basin of River Microcuare (Central Abkhazia). Risks of Use

EMUZOVA L.Z. Kabardino-Balkarian State University named after H. M. Berbekova 26

The work is devoted to the development of bottom erosion on the river Microcuare, which pool is located in the limestone massifs of the Central part of Abkhazia. It presents the results of field physiographic studies canyon, Microcuarewhich formed a kind of hollow - karst deepening of the river bed. The spatial location of bottom hollows in the gorge and their genetic types is revealed. The article describes the features of the hydrographic regime of the river Microcuare. The morphometric characteristics of karst cavities forms of various types, and a description of the three major karst cavities is provided. Attention is drawn to the risk of holidaymakers visiting this natural object.

Кey words: limestone massifs, the area of the strait, evorzione processes, evorzione form, gigantic boilers.

Dangerous Hydrometeorological Phenomena on Character and Scales of Radioactive Pollution of Environment in the Central Region of the European Part of Russia

RAZUMOV V.V. Federal State Budgetary Institution The All-Russian Research Institute on Problems of Civil Defence and Emergency Situations of Emercom Russia RAZUMOVA N.V. JSC Russian Space Systems of Roskosmos 30

Potential possibility of influence of the dangerous hydrometeorological phenomena on character and scales of radioactive pollution of environment is shown. The analysis of existential distribution of the hydrometeorological phenomena in radiation polluted territories of the Central region of the European part of Russia is carried out. Areas of dangerous manifestation of the hydrometeorological phenomena in the territory of the studied region are described and the quantitative characteristic of the occurred emergency situations caused by these phenomena is given.

Кey words: Central region of the European part of Russia; the radiation polluted territories, the dangerous hydrometeorological phenomena, a hail, ice, frosts, strong winds, heavy rains, floods and floods, extreme fire danger, emergency situations.

On the Current State of the Engineering-Geological Environment on the Territory of the Yakutsk City and the Reasons of Its Deterioration

SHATZ M.M. Melnikov Permafrost Institute, SB RAS 40

The problem of the status and reliability of modern infrastructure of one of the most difficult in terms of nature of northern cities (Yakutsk) is highlighted. The conditions under which the city's infrastructure operates, and also the main factors and disruptive activities of its components are shown: climate, water and geotechnological. Recommendations for improvement of the situation and increasement of the reliability of various elements of road systems are given.

Кey words: Yakutsk city, northern city infrastructure, environment violation factors, state of urban roads.

Assessment of the Socio-Economic Risks and Damages of Hazardous Hydrological Phenomena (in Slavyansk Municipal District of Krasnodar Region)

BABURIN V.L., GORYACHKO M.D., FADEYEV M.S. Lomonosov Moscow State University ZEMTSOV S.P. Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration KIDYAYEVA V.M. of automation systems FGBU GOIN 45

In 2012, the damage costs of flood in Russia amounted to about €300 m, and these floods have caused nearly 200 fatalities. Risk assessment is one of the most pressing scientific topics in Russia, but most of the works are devoted to natural hazards assessment. The purpose of this work is to estimate the influence of hazardous hydrological phenomena on society.

Methods of the Ministry of the Russian Federation for Affairs for Civil Defence, Emergencies and Elimination of Consequences of Natural Disasters were used for potential economic damage calculation. The social risk was expressed by financial indicators in terms of the cost of the value of statistical life lost. Social risk can be underestimated in comparison with economic risk because of a low “value of life” in Russia (no life insurance, neglecting of basic safety rules, etc.).

Кey words: economic and social risks, floods, vulnerability, damage assessment.

Problems of Ecological Safety and Construction in Karst Areas

MAKSIMOVICH N.G. The Institute of Natural Science of Perm State National Research University KATAEV V. N. Perm State National Research University, PhD, professor MESHCHERYAKOVA O. Y. The Institute of Natural Science of Perm State National Research University 54

International symposium «Ecological safety and construction in karst areas» took place in Perm State National Research University on the 26–31 May, 2015. The article is devoted to the main events of the symposium, problems and themes of the reports and its results

Кey words: symposium, karst, Perm.


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