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Geomarketing Publishing Center

At present, Geomarketing LLC issues key journals in the field of engineering survey for construction, such as The Inzhenernyye Izyskaniya (The Engineering Surveys), The Inzhenernaya Geologiya (The Engineering Geology), The GeoRisk. Since February 2010, all the three journals have been included in the List of key peer-reviewed scientific journals and publications in which major research results of dissertations submitted for the scientific doctoral and candidate degrees are to be published; this is undoubtedly indicative of a high quality and great demand of the publications in the industry.

The journals are distributed by subscription (there are around 800 subscribers for The Inzhenernyye Izyskaniya (The Engineering Surveys) and The Inzhenernaya Geologiya (The Engineering Geology) and 400 subscribers for The GeoRisk), and at the key industry conferences and exhibitions.

The circulation of the journals is from 1,500 to 3,000.

Scientific and technical, practical, analytical and review articles on broad array of issues that surveyors may encounter in their work are published in the journals.

The publication frequency for The Inzhenernyye Izyskaniya (The Engineering Surveys) is 14 issues per year; for The Inzhenernaya Geologiya (The Engineering Geology) - six issues per year, and The GeoRisk is a quarterly journal.

Since December 2009, the fourth journal – The Geotekhnika (The Geotechnical Engineering) –has been published with a frequency of six issues per year. The new publication is aimed at not only surveyors but also at design engineers and builders, and is established to familiarize Russian specialists with advanced national and international practices in the field of geotechnical engineering. The Journal’s Editor-in-Chief is Evgeny Arnoldovich Voznesensky, Dr. of Sc. (Geology and Mineralogy), Professor of the Department of Engineering and Ecological Geology of the Geological Faculty of the Moscow State University named after M. V. Lomonosov.

Since 2013, Geomarketing LLC has been holding industry training conferences on various special issues of performing engineering survey for construction.

We invite all interested companies for advertising and information cooperation with the journals. Upon receipt of the positive opinion of reviewers, all scientific and technical articles will be published free of charge.

Advertising articles and advertising modules will be published in accordance with the approved prices.

V. N. Ananko, General Director, Geomarketing LLC

Bookkeeping: 8 (495) 210-63-06

Editors office: 8 (495) 210-63-90

Subscription: 8 (495) 210-89-92

Adress: Moscow, Electrozavodskaya st, 60 Postal address:105187, Moscow, Okrujnoy proezd, 18

E-mail: info@geomark.ru

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