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Rules for Authors

Original scientific articles (i.e. that have not been published previously) will be accepted for the publication in the journals, that comply with the following topics of the journals published by Geomarketing LLC: engineering geology, hydrogeology, hydrology, geocryology, engineering surveys (engineering and geological, engineering and geodetic, engineering and ecological, engineering and hydrometeorological surveys, geophysical studies), geological risk, seismology, footing of buildings and structures, geotechnical engineering etc., formatted in accordance with the following requirements.

1. Articles will be accepted in electronic form (via e-mail) within the size of 1 author’s sheet (40,000 typographical units with spaces or 10-12 pages of text printed with a 12 font size with a single interval).

2. Articles shall be accompanied with abstracts (up to 100-150 words) in the Russian and English languages, and with a list of key words (5-10 words) also in the Russian and English language. In addition, a summary of articles shall be prepared that contain conclusions made by the author, in the English language within the size of 1 to 2 А4 pages.

3. Titles of articles, last name and initials of the author shall be given in the Russian and English languages.

4. Author’s last name shall be accompanied with job title, place of his/her employment, e-mail address, and telephone No.

5. An article structure must possibly contain an introduction (purpose, objectives of the paper), research methodology (methods), and a characteristic of research target, results and conclusions (executive summary).

6. An article shall be accompanied with a list of cited literature completed in accordance with GOST 7.1-2003, in alphabetical order (first in Russian followed by a foreign language).

7. In the article, references to literature shall be provided using numbers of the alphabetical list in square brackets, for example, [2], [4-6] etc.

8. Pictures (colored and black-and-white pictures, drawings in lines, diagrams, charts etc.) will be accepted in electronic form of jpg or tif formats with a resolution of at least 300 pixels per inch (or 300 dpi). Colored maps will be accepted with a resolution of at least 600 dpi. It is desirable that pictures will be submitted in their native format, in vector quality.

9. Any photograph with schemes, arrows and other explanations applied to them shall be submitted separately in their native format.

10. Pictures shall be accompanied with captions and shall be numbered.

11. The base units and parameters shall be in the Si-system.

12. Tables shall be accompanied with titles and numbers.

13. Articles shall undergo compulsory internal and external reviewing, technical editing; thereafter, the page proof will be submitted to the author for final proofreading.

14. An electronic version of the published article in pdf format will be submitted to the author via e-mail after the publication of the article. After the release of the issue, the author shall be entitled to receive up to three copies of the journal from the Editors Office free of charge.

15. No payment shall be charged for technical and analytical materials. The Editorial Staff may, at their sole discretion, delete any advertising information from the text.

16. No payment for articles shall be charged from post-graduate students.

17. Scientific, technical and analytical articles, as well as any materials relating to best practices in performance of survey works will be published free of charge.


On the procedure for reviewing the articles submitted for publication in the following journals: The Inzhenernyye Izyskaniya (The Engineering Surveys), The Inzhenernaya Geologiya (The Engineering Geology), The GeoRisk, The Geotekhnika (The Geotechnical Engineering)


The reviewing of manuscripts of the articles received by the Geomarketing Publishing Center Editorial Staff shall be organized by the Editorial Staff. The Editor-in-Chief shall be responsible for the quality of reviews and timely performance of reviewing the manuscripts of the articles.

Reviewers shall be both the members of the scientific and editorial board of each of the journals issued by Geomarketing LLC and scientists from leading Russian research and development institutes, higher education institutions, specialized organizations, who has a doctoral candidate or a doctor of science degree.

Co-author of a paper may not be its reviewer.

All reviews of the manuscripts of the articles shall be stored in the journal’s Editorial Office during three years from the day of the publication of the articles and will be provided at request of expert councils of the State Commission for Academic Degrees and Titles of the Russian Federation.

In case of any remarks to an article from any of reviewers, the article shall be submitted to the author to be revised. After having been revised to comply with remarks, the article may be recommended for printing.

Content of Review

The following shall be provided in a review: analysis of the article text, attached illustrative matter, and reference list. In case of any remarks, the review must provide for reasonable recommendations of how the author can remove the remarks. A special focus shall be placed on:

General analysis of academic level, terminology in the article, relevance of the topic, academic novelty;

Scientific character of presentation, compliance of the techniques, methods, recommendations and results of research used by the author with the modern scientific achievements and advanced practices;

Evaluation of the size of the article in whole and the components thereof (text, tables, graphics). Reasonability of placing the tables, graphics in the article;

Place of the article being reviewed, among other articles of similar topic that have been published already;

Inaccuracies and errors made by the author.

A reviewer must give recommendations to the author and to the editorial staff of how to improve the manuscript. The reviewer’s comments and recommendations must be objective and of principle nature, and must be aimed at the improvement of academic and methodological levels of the manuscript.

The final part of the reviews must contain a well-founded conclusion on the advisability of the publication of the article in The Inzhenernyye Izyskaniya (The Engineering Surveys), The Inzhenernaya Geologiya (The Engineering Geology), The GeoRisk or in the The Geotekhnika (The Geotechnical Engineering).

Editorial Office Address:

Bookkeeping: 8 (495) 210-63-06

Editors office: 8 (495) 210-63-90

Subscription: 8 (495) 210-89-92

Adress: Moscow, Electrozavodskaya st, 60 Postal address:105187, Moscow, Okrujnoy proezd, 18

E-mail: info@geomark.ru

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