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Our Conferences

In 2013, Geomarketing Publishing Center opened a new line of activities – professional industry ad hoc conferences for surveyors. In our opinion, the main objective of these activities is to provide an opportunity to gather together the practical specialists who operate in all regions of the Russian Federation and abroad, and to share their experience with each other.

We adhere to the following main principles in the organizations of our conferences: convenient place for holding the conferences in the premium class hotels and business centers; speakers with an advanced practical experience; the best industry specialists from Russia and foreign countries; opportunity of face-to-face contact with customers; relevant first-hand information; opportunity to make a statement in the professional environment and get to know new equipment at trade shows.

In 2013, we organized and successfully held two conferences such as: Modern Methods of Field and Laboratory Studies of Soils; and Geotechnical Monitoring and Monitoring of Geological Hazards. Detailed information on these conferences, as well as the published reports, presentations and photo reports are posted on the website in Archive of Conferences.

You will be able to find out the Schedule of the Geomarketing Publishing Center Conferences in 2014 at Calendar of Conferences

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